What Toxic Chemicals Are in Your Room?

By Dr. Mercola Wondering whether your son or daughter will be able to successfully complete the required coursework may no longer be your biggest worry when sending your child off to college. New studies suggest dorm life may be more hazardous than you might expect due to the presence of extraordinarily high levels of toxic flame retardants. According to Newsweek,1 scientists studying dust samples collected from college dormitories suggest students may be living among, and breathing in, chemical toxins that may negatively affect their health. Why the Dust in College Dorms Is a Cause for Concern Research published in Environmental Science & Technology2 indicates that scientists uncovered large quantities of chemicals designed to suppress fire — also known as flame retardants — in 95 dust samples collected from dormitory common areas and student rooms at two U.S. colleges. Scientists found all 47 flame retardants that were targeted by the study, some of which are believed to cause c


Author: vancouverspineanddisccentreblog

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